air conditioning repair

A properly maintained air conditioning repair system is designed to last 15 years or more. However, it’s important to understand that an AC repair professional is needed in order to keep this equipment running correctly. Fortunately, many problems can be prevented with regular maintenance and simple troubleshooting. Before you jump to the “replacement” conversation it’s worth a quick call to a local Carrier HVAC dealer to see what your options are for an AC repair.

Warm Air

A common AC repair issue is that the air conditioner blows warm or even hot air instead of cold. In this case the most likely culprit is a faulty thermostat, which may not be transmitting the correct temperature to the cooling system. There are also issues that cause the cooling cycle to malfunction or the refrigerant to flow through the system incorrectly. An experienced HVAC technician will be able to diagnose and fix these issues.

Constant Running

Your air conditioner constantly runs but it’s not keeping your home cool. The problem could be something as simple as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, but it’s more likely a clogged air filter or dirty compressor coil. A clogged air filter restricts the airflow and causes the system to work harder, which leads to higher utility bills. Dirty evaporator coils and outdoor condenser coils allow dirt to build up, restricting the heat transfer process.

A hissing sound is a telltale sign of a refrigerant leak, which decreases efficiency and is harmful to the environment. A trained HVAC technician will recharge your air conditioner and replace the copper refrigerant tubing to restore proper operation.