Scuba Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea

Jordan is an Arab country located on the eastern bank of the Jordan River. you can discover ancient monuments, nature reserves. The country is home to the famous archaeological site of Petra. The Nabataean capital founded around 300 BC. JC. Settled in a narrow valley and provided with tombs, with temples and monuments carved in the pink sandstone cliffs.

Its capital is Amman. Its territory is surrounded to the west by Palestine and Israel. to the south by Saudi Arabia, to the east by Iraq, and to the north by Syria.

Aqaba is located at the southern end of Jordan, on the shores of the Red Sea. It is the only place in the country where you can enjoy the beach and the sea. In addition, the deep gulf which sinks into the desert to bathe the Jordanian coasts is one of the richest parts of the Red Sea, both in terms of life and seascapes.

So, during your getaway to Aqaba, take the time to indulge in scuba diving or snorkeling to discover the magnificent depths of the Red Sea. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Aqaba’s dive centers are able to offer you a sensational underwater adventure. In case you wish to stay on the surface of the water, snorkeling allows you as well to admire the beauty of marine life in this area of ​​the Red Sea. It is another way of going to discover Jordan.

During my 2010 trip to Egypt on the other side of Jordan on the shore of the Red Sea, I had the opportunity to go scuba diving. Its funds exhibit abundant and varied marine life. Hard corals, soft corals, tropical fish by hundreds of species. Visibility is exceptional most of the time. There are captivating and often accessible wrecks. The water temperature is rarely below 20 ° whatever the depth.

At the time, fishermen used explosives for fishing and I could see the damage it caused to corals since this fishing is illegal. Because the use of explosives for easier catching of fish causes great damage to coral reefs.

Discover the Aqaba marine park

Aqaba is famous for the diversity of its marine ecosystem. It is home to more than 240 species of corals and 1000 species of fish sharing their habitat with all kinds of sea creatures among which you will find turtles and stingrays. Aqaba Marine Park is considered one of the best parks to discover while traveling with Marco Vasco Middle East. It is only 15 kilometers from downtown Aqaba.

The park is intended to protect and preserve the region’s marine biosphere. It has just under twenty renowned dive sites, each with its own unique environment. There are sites for beginners and experienced divers. If you want to learn about it in order to discover the underwater wealth of the park. You will find a number of diving schools around Aqaba. For those who prefer shallow water, snorkeling and glass-bottom boat trips are great alternatives.

Wood deck or composite deck: how to choose?

Wood is the star material for terraces. Its aesthetics, its warm appearance, its ease of installation, and its ecological side are the main reasons for its success. Only the regular maintenance required of a wooden deck can make you hesitate to choose this material. Looking for a San Antonio deck builder? Before you choose which deck you will build, make sure to choose the right company.


However, there is a solution to avoid the inconvenience of wood maintenance while benefiting from a similar appearance: choose composite wood for your terrace. Before deciding on wood or composite, here are some things to know to choose the right one.


What are the characteristics of wood and composite to take into account when making a terrace?


If you opt for a natural wood terrace


The natural and warm appearance of wood is perfect for dressing an outdoor terrace.


European wood: this is Douglas pine, poplar, spruce, oak, or even chestnut. All these species have good durability over time, but the oak, chestnut, and Douglas are of superior quality. Most of them must be treated in an autoclave (deep treatment of wood) to become rot-resistant and resistant. These autoclave treatments are classified from 1 to 5, according to the use of the wood and its risks vis-à-vis humidity. So prefer class 4 conifers, or even class 5 by the sea, for terraces exposed to the vagaries of the weather. Certain European woods are treated naturally without chemical additions to be more durable or by being heated to very high temperatures (High Temperature Treated wood, THT).


Exotic wood: among all types of wood, this is the one that has the best resistance to humidity and the best durability over time. There are many species of exotic wood, including teak, which offer very varied appearances and colors. To avoid illegal logging and associated trade, it is essential to choose FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber, a label guaranteeing that forests are managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Whatever type of wood you choose, to ensure your terrace has good resistance, it is important to use wood slats that are not too thin at the risk of being too fragile, and they must also not have too many visible knots, aspect synonymous with second-best material. On the other hand, the thinner the wood plank, the more likely it is to deform once installed.


If you opt for a composite terrace


Composite is a material made, as its name suggests, of different elements. It contains wood in the form of sawdust, resins from recycled plastics (polymers), and pigments that give it its color. Its appearance is very close to that of wood. But it is advisable to choose a composite that contains at least 50% wood so that its appearance does not have too much “plastic effect.” The main advantage of composite is that it does not require special maintenance, unlike wood, and is very resistant.


The advantages and disadvantages of a wooden deck


One of the main advantages of solid wood is the natural appearance of wood, which gives all exterior fittings a feeling of softness and authenticity. It also has the advantage of being easy to work and cut. The wood is also transformable at will according to the evolution of the tastes of each one. It is indeed very easy to paint and repaint.


Realizing a European wooden terrace has a major drawback: it requires annual maintenance and treatment to prevent it from taking on a grayish color over time. The application of a stain may also be necessary. Be careful; the wood is alive. If the wood can be painted, this is not the case with high temperature treated wood (THT), which only offers a tint, close to caramel.


The advantages and disadvantages of a composite terrace


Composite is a material that offers a great number of advantages over wood. First, that of not asking for maintenance. A simple brush and soapy water are enough to clean it. A composite deck is naturally resistant to moisture as much as the best exotic woods, as well as to frost. If this material has the same appearance as wood, unlike the latter, it does not slip with water, it does not have splinters, and the composite blades do not crack. The service life of the composite is very long: most manufacturers guarantee this material for 25 years.


While composite has many advantages over wood, it still has some disadvantages. The rendering of a composite terrace, especially if it is made with so-called old-generation boards, will not be as beautiful as that of a natural wood terrace, although great improvements have been made to this problem of aspect. Note also the ability of this material to conduct and diffuse heat.

How Do I Keep My Building Budget?

The key factor in whether this project can become a reality is primarily finance. Many who have already taken the step of renovating or building a property say in retrospect that keeping the budget was one of the biggest challenges.

Is demolition or renovation worthwhile?

This fundamental question is at the beginning of every major construction project. The best thing to do is to get an architect or appraiser on board, who puts your own project through its paces and lists which construction measures are due in detail and uses them to write a detailed plan and construction description. Professional advice is not free of charge from, but it is not for nothing: In retrospect, you can save a lot of money on planning with the information gained.

Are there any grants for my project?

State subsidies for construction measures that happen in the interests of the environment are often subsidized. For example, there are grants for heating renovations or window renovations.

The service provider search

Once it has been clarified whether part of the expenditure can be remunerated through subsidies and whether a demolition or renovation is worthwhile, it should be clarified which service providers are suitable for you. Comparing is the very first requirement. Online assessment tools are a good addition to classic word of mouth, which good artisans have often used to make a name for themselves.


Brand communication: “You know someone who knows someone, who knows someone …” This type of network is particularly common in artisan circles. You can also take advantage of that. In discussions with the artisans, one or the other insider tip often needs to be taken into account.

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Avoid obvious lure offers

Caution is advised when craftsmen or companies lure you with offers that sound too good to be true. Inferior components are often used in such offers that only barely survive the guarantee period. To be sure, it is better to pay attention to high-quality products and careful installation right from the start of construction.

Insist on invoices and receipts from service providers.

Actually, of course, but since small cattle are also known to make a mess: keep a detailed record of all interim expenses, from the daily snack beer for the construction workers to the disposal of pollutants.

Don’t forget additional costs

So that the dream of owning a home does not become a financial nightmare, each builder must calculate the incidental costs in addition to the pure construction and renovation costs. As a rule, these can make up to 20 percent of the total. In order not to miss anything in the jungle of costs, enough time should be planned before the start of construction to get the best possible information.

Trust is good, control is better

If the house construction is coming to an end, the trade bills will not be long in coming. If the bill is higher than agreed due to various additional services, the trouble is pre-programmed. In order to avoid this situation, which is unpleasant for both sides, one should not blindly trust the craftsmen, but monitor the work regularly and document any verbal agreements. A valuable tip: keeping a construction diary. The respective construction progress and any special features are recorded and the documentation is an important safeguard in the event of a dispute. In addition, the invoices should only be paid when the service has actually been performed and its accuracy checked.

Schedule financial reserves

Even if every detail of the new home is carefully planned, additional expenses can arise unexpectedly during the construction phase due to new wishes or unexpected events. This is why the expert recommendation is: Plan around 10 percent as a buffer to be prepared for all eventualities and to avoid financial difficulties. Because the joy of the new home should be enjoyed to the fullest!

How To Choose The Right Color For Your House

Thanks to a wide variety of colors on offer for exterior wall coverings, choosing one is not always easy. This is a decision that can be time-consuming and therefore, must be carefully considered. This is what we think you should do to allow you to decide on the right color.

Things you have to consider

The environment

If you want to maintain the environment surrounding your house or property, it is sometimes best to choose colors similar to the exterior walls of your neighbors. You can still incorporate your style while applying the most used colors in the neighborhood.

The orientation of your house

The target on a south-facing wall could quickly become blinding. In an east-facing skirt, which is most exposed to inclement weather, your charming white wall could quickly get dirty. On the other hand, light colors beat dark ones in north-facing homes or with a tinted exterior wall. We give you our word!

Urban planning standards

Check with your local municipality to find out if you live in an area where houses must meet specific aesthetic criteria. Find out what colors and finishes are allowed in your neighborhood.

Whites and whites for a solid, classic look for low-exposed exterior walls

Light colors are illuminated with the slightest ray of sunlight; consequently, they are ideal for exterior walls and north-facing or tinted houses. White is simple and classic, but it gets dirty quickly.

Grays for a contemporary look

The many shades of light and medium gray can moderate vibration to a house, giving it a more modern look. Gray is particularly suitable for houses that have flat roofs and designer houses. Also, gray combines very well with beige to achieve contrasts.

Greens and blues blend well with Cool nature colors that bring the natural hues of green and blue into focus help your home blend into a natural setting. Whether in the country or by the sea, shades of green and blue can make the exterior wall of your home attractive.

Original with earth colors Warm colors for an original feeling if you want to dare to be different and go out of the classic colors … why not use warm colors? Reds, terracotta, and others allow you to give your home an original and warm touch. Thanks to the warm colors and earth, you create a nice home. If you want your house to be unique, this is the style for you.

How To Make Your House Winter-Proof

As the days gradually become shorter and the temperatures drop noticeably, there is a growing need to make yourself comfortable at home and gradually adapt to the cooler season. Just as you make your car fit for the winter, you should not neglect the house, garden, apartment, or terrace. With our checklist, you are well prepared for the “frosty” days.

Check the heating circuit and bleed the radiator

It is often the simplest things that you forget in everyday life. This includes the regular venting of the radiators. Your radiators often only get lukewarm, even though the heating is running at the highest level? Most of the time, this is due to a non-vented heater. Air “trapped” in the heating circuit prevents the heating output and is also noticeable on your account. Therefore: bleed regularly. The four-legged roommates in the house are also happy about this.

Thoroughly clean the windows before the first cold snap

As mentioned on our blog many times, modern windows have very good thermal insulation properties that can help save energy. To ensure that you will continue to benefit from it in the coming winter, you should free your windows – especially the seals – from dust and dirt.

The insulation properties of your windows are maintained, no room heat escapes to the outside. Cleaning the windows with a special agent also makes sense in the wet months. Also, special cleaning devices such as window vacuums help with basic cleaning or simple cleaning in between. Pro tip: Not only your windows but also gutters are happy about basic cleaning. Before the first frost or snow, it should be ensured that gutters and drains are free of leaves.

Check windows and doors for burglary security

Speaking of windows: poorly secured windows and doors are often an invitation for burglars to twilight. This can be remedied by locking window handles or modern alarm systems, for example. Additional motion detectors installed for outdoor lighting can also help protect your home from attempts to gain access.

If you can hold a little more money in your hand and want to be completely on the safe side, invest in long-term security windows such as the KF 500. It offers the highest security standards with a modern and timeless look and is practically impossible to break into for burglars.

Protect garden plants or hibernate inside the house

Fuchsias, oleanders, citrus plants, and the like are welcome garden plants in summer due to their blossoms and fruit stands. However, since these plants are sensitive to the cold, they must be overwintered indoors. It is best to fertilize again in autumn so that enough nutrients are available for the plants during the rest period. Watering should seldom be during this time so that the winter stiffness goes smoothly over the stage. Crops planted in the garden can also be protected with covers.

And if we are already in the garden: the lawn should be cleared of fallen leaves in autumn. Furry onlookers like hedgehogs are happy about the resulting pile of leaves. And if you want to do even more good for nature in winter, you can set up bird feeders for tits, robins & co.

Tips To Make Your Deck Look Bigger

Some houses have very small gardens, which cannot be remodeled or enlarged, so other alternatives should be used. But what are they? Simple, with these tips to make your deck look bigger, you will have everything you need to know.

General suggestions

Before starting, we will give you some tips to visually enlarge the spaces, for example, try to use light colors on walls that do not contrast with each other.

The furniture and objects you add must be functional; otherwise, they will take up essential space. Our advice is that you opt for options with basic shapes and that have storage spaces; this avoids that there are many objects insight, and you feel saturated.

In this case, straight lines will be the best option; we advise you not to use furniture with circular lines since they provide a feeling of heaviness, except for a round table, since it has more capacity and takes up less space.

Plants on the sides

If your deck is not spacious, you must choose a place to place the plants in a straight way, as we mentioned previously, the straight lines will be your best friends, and it will help you so that the organic part follows a previously established order.

Fewer materials

If you want to give a sense of continuity, then we advise you to avoid using the least amount of materials in the yard. Choosing the material and using it uniformly will help you achieve this. Our advice is to use two types of materials at most.

I chose the sizes appropriately

Having a small deck does not mean that you have to use tiny plants, remember that everything is in balance, play a little with the size of the plants because you can get interesting but above all cozy atmosphere.

Yes to the vertical

Take into account that there are dead spaces in most environments, and this also applies to the garden, see if you have this kind of space on the walls and take advantage to decorate with a vertical garden, in addition to looking very beautiful it is functional.

Use various types of flowers

Using flowers of different shades will help you create sectors that will allow you to extend your deck. If you have a land that is not yet flat, take advantage of these irregularities to create levels, this will undoubtedly make it look more spacious.

Finally, to give a spectacular look to your deck, we recommend that you divide the place into different sectors according to each purpose. This will make it look very spacious, no matter how small it is. Do not forget to experiment and combine the ideas you think are convenient; thus, you will learn what works in your garden and what does not.

7 Reasons To Remodel A House Project

Deciding to go through the process of remodeling your home can provide many benefits. Remodeling projects in the hands of professionals are a rewarding and profitable experience. If you want to remodel, but have not yet decided to execute it, in the following article, we list the advantages of this process:

1. It provides greater functionality:

The needs change with time and distribution initially ideal, perhaps today is no longer ideal and requires a remodel. Adapting the building to new needs will optimize its functionality.

2. It generates comfort:

Remodeling will improve the environment, providing greater comfort and convenience. From changes such as the choice of new colors on the walls, the redesign of furniture, the restoration of an apartment, the remodeling of the facade to the total transformation of interiors, they generate positive and pleasant changes, making the spaces feel like new.

3. Modernization: 

With new trends in architecture, many older properties were no longer perceived as modern. With a remodeling, these new guidelines can be integrated and give a complete turn of appearance to buildings without the need for the construction of new works, such as demolishing non-structural walls and unifying areas making spaces more fluid or opening openings to generate new visuals and gain more lighting in the areas.

4. Greater practicality:

Technology advances, and in terms of construction, there are currently new materials that are more efficient than the products that were used several years ago. New construction techniques facilitate the remodeling of spaces, without the need to face debris and endless works and little profitable.

5. Increase in real estate value:

By making optimal modifications, the price of the property is revalued and increased. A remodel is a sure way to increase your property value, which is a recoverable investment.

6. Reduces maintenance costs:

All buildings need regular maintenance to maintain their value. When these processes are not carried out, the property depreciates, and the cost of repair increases, the longer it is postponed. Remodeling as soon as possible is important and will avoid, at least in the medium term, the disbursement of money in continuous spare parts, by correcting the damage with new materials.

7 Faster sale:

Remodeling a property that is planned to be sold or is being sold, in addition to adding greater economic value, speeds up the purchase of it in the market. Properties with modern finishes, new installations, and structural repairs sell faster and for more money.

Doing a remodel is investing since, in the long run, there are many benefits that it brings. It is advisable to have the advice of a professional in remodeling; this way, the current state will be better studied, and there will be more efficient planning and design.

Single Storey Houses, 5 Advantages

When deciding on one or the other property, there are many questions that we have to analyze. It is not just about four walls, but that dream space that will become our haven of peace. From the decoration to the furniture, through the orientation, every detail counts, and it is that living in a tower is not the same as living in a house surrounded by green.

No charges

You don’t need to study physics to know that one of the advantages of living on one floor is reducing distances. Higher, greater distance, this is an undeniable reality, so if you opt for a single-story house, you will reduce the journey if you go with a load. And we are not just talking about a move; it is more about thinking about day to day.

The garden

One of the main attractions of a single floor is having a garden or deck area. Having a garden is an upward value if we consider spending more and more time at home.

The furniture is chosen with taste, some flowerpots in which you can develop your passion for horticulture, lighting suitable to delight you with the most famous constellations and, in short, a few more meters to enjoy your home are just some of the singularities that you can locate in your garden to reinforce your decision to opt for a single-story house.

No stairs

Going up and down stairs may sound like a good exercise in the first place. What happens in the long term is that your knees and back will take their toll if you have to do it many times a day. Also, the stairs’ space is considered dead space, square meters that you can not take advantage of at home.

Nearest spaces

Accessibility is one of the keys of the houses on a ground floor, and it is that, as we have already mentioned, these are buildings with easy access, with a garage next to the door and deck, all a few steps away, free of stairs, elevators, etc. All this makes this type of property the perfect setting for practical people who want to have everything at hand and live surrounded by green areas.

More privacy

The last of the questions to which we are going to refer to finish showing you the benefits of living on one floor is privacy. In a single-story house, you do not have to share walls, and you do not have to bear the noise of the neighbors that you are going to have above or below your house.