Some houses have very small gardens, which cannot be remodeled or enlarged, so other alternatives should be used. But what are they? Simple, with these tips to make your deck look bigger, you will have everything you need to know.

General suggestions

Before starting, we will give you some tips to visually enlarge the spaces, for example, try to use light colors on walls that do not contrast with each other.

The furniture and objects you add must be functional; otherwise, they will take up essential space. Our advice is that you opt for options with basic shapes and that have storage spaces; this avoids that there are many objects insight, and you feel saturated.

In this case, straight lines will be the best option; we advise you not to use furniture with circular lines since they provide a feeling of heaviness, except for a round table, since it has more capacity and takes up less space.

Plants on the sides

If your deck is not spacious, you must choose a place to place the plants in a straight way, as we mentioned previously, the straight lines will be your best friends, and it will help you so that the organic part follows a previously established order.

Fewer materials

If you want to give a sense of continuity, then we advise you to avoid using the least amount of materials in the yard. Choosing the material and using it uniformly will help you achieve this. Our advice is to use two types of materials at most.

I chose the sizes appropriately

Having a small deck does not mean that you have to use tiny plants, remember that everything is in balance, play a little with the size of the plants because you can get interesting but above all cozy atmosphere.

Yes to the vertical

Take into account that there are dead spaces in most environments, and this also applies to the garden, see if you have this kind of space on the walls and take advantage to decorate with a vertical garden, in addition to looking very beautiful it is functional.

Use various types of flowers

Using flowers of different shades will help you create sectors that will allow you to extend your deck. If you have a land that is not yet flat, take advantage of these irregularities to create levels, this will undoubtedly make it look more spacious.

Finally, to give a spectacular look to your deck, we recommend that you divide the place into different sectors according to each purpose. This will make it look very spacious, no matter how small it is. Do not forget to experiment and combine the ideas you think are convenient; thus, you will learn what works in your garden and what does not.