expat investment advice

Whether moving overseas is permanent or a short-term assignment, expat investment advice can help you achieve your financial goals. From rolling your 401(k) into an international investment account to finding a mortgage for an overseas property, a specialist advisor can guide you through the challenges and opportunities of becoming a global citizen.

Tailored Solutions

Expats have unique financial situations that call for tailored advice. Independent financial advisors can provide bespoke recommendations, free from product biases and limitations imposed by a provider’s portfolio of products.

Saving for Children’s Education

Educating children abroad is an expensive endeavor that requires savvy planning. An expert expat wealth manager can help you plan for your children’s future by determining their needs and recommending appropriate savings strategies.

Tax Considerations

Taking the time to understand your tax situation as an American expat is essential for managing your U.S. investments. As a result of FATCA, many U.S. banks and brokerage firms have stopped accepting foreign accounts, which leaves American expats with fewer options. An experienced financial advisor like Creative Planning International can help you explore options and determine how to mitigate withholding taxes and filing requirements.

If you receive your income in local currency and invest in dollars, you may be paying unnecessary exchange rates for the back-and-forth transaction. An advisor can help you manage this risk by suggesting strategies to reduce or avoid these fees and recommending offshore investment vehicles that offer low-cost investment growth with centralized administration.