A bullion patch is an embroidered decoration that features twisted wires or threads. These decorations are often used to add an insignia or decorative element to blazers and other clothing items. They can be sewn or heat-sealed onto the garment and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

They are often referred to as military patches or army patches because they add a touch of elegance and class to uniforms. These embellishments are hand-made by experienced craftspeople and are usually made from gold or silver. They can be sewed directly on a jacket or may be attached to a badge with butterfly clasps or velcro. These emblems are a great way to show off your pride in a particular organization.

Unit Pride: Crafting Your Own Custom Army Patch”

Custom bullion crest patches can be designed in many different ways, from working with a patch manufacturer who can create the design using embroidery techniques like bullion embroidery or chenille or creating the design digitally with graphic design software and then having the patch manufacturer digitize the pattern for sewing. Creating a custom patch is easy and fast.

A quick and simple way to clean a bullion patch that is tarnished is to use cream of tartar. Get a soft toothbrush wet and sprinkle the patch with the cream of tartar heavily (it should cover it completely). Gently scrub the patch with the brush until you see that the tarnish is coming off. Rinse the patch and blot it dry with paper towels or a terry cloth towel.