IV Therapy

417 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE  is the delivery of fluids, vitamins and medication directly into a patient’s bloodstream intravenously to address various health conditions. Most commonly, IV therapy delivers hydration and nutrients to combat dehydration, hangovers, fatigue, jet lag and other common symptoms. Infusions can also provide nutrients and anti-oxidants that can boost energy, improve mood, heal the body from chronic illness or injury, help with weight loss and support collagen production.

Before the treatment begins, a trained professional disinfects the skin over an IV site, typically on the arm, and locates a vein using a sterile syringe. A tube then connects the needle to an IV drip, which consists of saline solution and the nutrients you choose for your particular symptoms. The IV drip is monitored and the amount infused is adjusted as needed.

IV Therapy for Hydration and Energy: Recharge Your Body from the Inside Out

Once the nutrient infusion is complete, the therapist will remove the IV and apply pressure to prevent bruising at the injection site. You can then continue your day as normal, although it’s best to avoid strenuous activities until later on in the day to allow the vitamins to settle into your system.

The most popular vitamin IV drips are Myers Cocktail, which is a formulated blend of vitamins that promotes immune function and increased energy, and NAD+, an anti-ageing formula that contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleate, which protects against cell damage and oxidisation. These are usually administered in hospitals or infusion centres and covered by medical insurance. However, many ‘boutique’ IV therapy establishments are popping up in cities around the US, and they offer a more relaxed experience with little more than answering some questions and holding out your arm for 90 minutes or so.

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