If you’re a fatherhood blogs and you have a passion for writing, creating a blog is an excellent way to share your experiences with other fathers and raise awareness on social issues like reducing gender stereotypes. Dad blogs also provide useful parenting tips and advice for other families, while helping parents feel more connected to their children.

Do most blogs make money?

With a strong, well-crafted About page, you can introduce your readers to yourself and your family while providing them with valuable information about your site’s content and mission. A great About page is key to getting more readers, and even potential sponsors or partners.

Another key element of a successful dad blog is a solid schedule for posting new articles. Posting regularly keeps your audience engaged and helps search engines find you easily. Having a good email list is important, too, so be sure to add an easy-to-find sign-up form to your blog (ideally, on the Home page)!

For example, The Brag Dad focuses on the positive aspects of fatherhood and offers a variety of parenting hacks, interesting perspectives and relatable vlogs. Meanwhile, Richie Williams from St Louis Dad provides financial pieces of advice and help on topics like child care and finances. GeekDad, on the other hand, is all about technology, gadgets and all things nerdy. And finally, Cort Ruddy at Dad and Buried brings a whole lot of laughs to the table with his hilarious posts on navigating parenting and life in general.